Saturday, 25 April 2015

New Additions Sessions

Great to see people today and share the developments that we’ve made on the digital table over the last few months. There’s a new set of photos added to each of the geographic areas; some ‘Then and Then “ photos courtesy of one of our fabulous community history volunteers who took out her camera and got to the exact place where some of the TDC pictures were taken. We absolutely love the magistrates’ court photo – it works so well. There are a few video clips to watch including the Rev Awdry of Thomas the Tank Engine fame – opening the Steam railway in the Park; the Beehive being hoisted into position on the Town Centre and some tree planting by youngsters… location unknown.

Pass on the postcards...
And we’re very excited to launch our set of 8 postcards that anyone dropping into these memory sessions can take away and share with family and friends to inspire more memory making.

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