Friday, 15 August 2014

‘Memories of Telford’
We’ve been trying to capture a few memories and comments from people enjoying the digital table the last week. Here’s a flavour - but we’re keen to have any other memories or snippets that are inspired by looking at the images.

Please do jot any of your memories down when you next visit us and look out for dates for our memory sessions on the next ‘What’s On’ – due out soon.
Last Friday we viewed a number of film clips archived at Media Archive Central England that are deposited with them but not digitised yet. The project will allow us to get them to digitise a further selection and it was really wonderful to actually see them. Don’t want to spoil the fun and give too much away (otherwise it won’t be a surprise!) But amongst other things featured a certain well-known Town Centre landmark being hoisted into position by the biggest crane in the country... various royal visits…leisure facilities and more. It will take a while to sort out but watch this space…


Monday, 11 August 2014

Thank you to David Wright for his piece in his “Working for You” column in the Telford Journal about encouraging people to visit Southwater. He thought that the “digital tables were fascinating features in the new library” and mentioned the HLF grant to create the Archive – so great stuff!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Southwater Library has been open for 3 weeks now and continues to be really busy with families and people visiting. Without doubt, one of the continuing stars has been the digital table with the TDC photos on.

Watch out for our memory sheets at the library near the table. Be sure to jot down any memories that you have when you’re looking at the photos. We’d really appreciate that.